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Welcome to Moldova Work!

Who are the Moldova Work Recruitment Agency?

In 2000, we set up a company in Germany, and started hiring Romanian and Moldovan IT engineers to work in Germany. In 2003, we established our first company in Moldova and currently we have two further companies in Moldova and also one in Japan.
The Moldova Work Recruiting Agency has now become a leading manpower agency with more than 25,000 jobs offered and 20,000 registered CVs. Our recruitment agency finds employment for Moldavan workers in construction, manufacturing, agriculture, cruise shipping, hotels, restaurants, and as au pairs, IT engineers, artists, drivers, doctors, nurses, and nannies in many countries in Europe, the Middle East, Japan and the U.S.A. The Moldovan Work Recruiting Agency is located in the center of Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova. We apply for an employment visa for our Moldovan workers and send them abroad. If you want the best Moldovan Recruitment Agency, just contact us!

Why Is Moldova Work different?

Moldova Work is a professional, friendly, and reliable Moldovan staff agency. Every member of our recruitment agency staff is fluent in both spoken and written English; we can usually communicate most effectively in this “international” language.
We also have both Skype and Yahoo Messenger and we are always online during working hours, so you can ask any question, anytime. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any type of enquiry.
When our Moldova staffing agency begins a business relationship with your company for the first time, our staff can visit your company and explain our ways of doing business face to face. This way, you can get to know us that much better. If preferred, the Moldova Work Recruitment Agency can train its workers in languages, IT, and cultural issues in your own country.
The Moldova Work Recruitment Agency always tries to give accurate information about our job recruitment company, and never hides information from our customers and workers no matter what the consequences.
Our recruitment agency activity and our business methods always comply with internationally recognized regulations.

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