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The Republic of Moldova is located in south-eastern Europe between the Ukraine and Romania. Moldova is recognized by more than 180 countries and is now a member of the Council of Europe and also the United Nations.
Moldova has a population of about five million people, and is very densely populated. About 60% of the people are Moldovans. Large minority groups include Ukrainians (15%), Russians (14%), Bulgarians (9%), and Turks. About 15–20 % of the population hold at least two national passports, including either Romanian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian or Russian, in addition to a Moldovan one.
The official language is Romanian (Moldovan), but 95% of the Moldovan people also speak Moldovan and Russian well, and about 5% speak only Russian. About 15% of the population speak English, Italian or French, as well as Russian and Romanian.
The territory covers 33,843 square kilometers. The capital of the Moldovan Republic is Chisinau, which has more than 700,000 inhabitants.
The country became independent from the former USSR on 27th of August 1991, and is undertaking a serious program of social, economical, political and social reforms in order to secure its future.
Moldova is still politically controlled by the Communist Party, but is gradually moving in the direction of democracy.
Moldova is still one of the poorest countries in Europe. According to unofficial statistics, the average salary is estimated at $200 per month. About 25% of people are working abroad and supporting their families who still live in Moldova.
The popular countries in which to work are Italy, Spain, and Portugal; most people try to enter and work in these countries illegally.
Moldova is in the Eastern European Time Zone (GMT+2 hours). When it is noon in Chisinau, it is: 11:00 in Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland, 10:00 in England, 07:00 in New York, 18:00 in Japan and 13:00 in Moscow.