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Moldova recruitment: client information

The Moldovan Worker Recruitment Agency gives you the possibility to choose from the following recruitment services:
1. Recruitment, selection and placement of temporary personnel, for the speciality and qualification areas outlined on the website.
2. Management of temporary work contracts.
3. Evaluation and testing of candidates according to our clients’ needs.
4. Training and professional integration of Moldovan workers.
How does the Moldova Worker Recruitment Agency collaborate with its partners?
Since we would like to fully meet our partners’ expectations and indeed guarantee satisfaction of all their needs, the Moldova Worker Recruitment Agency strictly adheres to the following procedure:

We identify our client needs and try our best to satisfy them

In order to offer you the best solutions, we identify the specific requirements of your particular activity and what types of Moldovan worker you need. This makes it possible for us to plan the campaign in order to meet any of your requirements. To facilitate this, we compile a worker profile to match your personnel requirement. We find out as much as we can about the future job, the working conditions and the duties of the employee so we can better understand where Moldovan workers are going to work and to choose the best worker for your job.

Personal recruitment

We choose an appropriate Moldovan worker based on his or her professional profile.

Evaluation of Moldovan workers’ competence

In order to ensure we select the best, the Moldova Worker Recruitment Agency uses a specially designed software program for checking Moldovan Worker candidates. This program allows us to assess the exact knowledge and competence of each Moldovan worker.
The selected candidates are tested and evaluated, in order to validate their suitability and competence for any specific place of work. The Moldovan workers will also take some psychological and skills tests. After passing the tests, the successful candidate will be given the contact details of the employer.
We carefully analyze the results of the tests and rank individuals according to their qualifications, skills, experience and motivation.

Selection of Moldovan workers

We carefully select the best candidates and place them according to the needs of the employer.

Preparation and instruction of candidates

Prior to commencing work, the Moldova Worker Recruiting Agency will offer the employees the necessary assistance in accepting the job position and integrating them into the working environment according to the procedures agreed with the employers' representatives. The selected candidates will be instructed as to the required level of skills and quality of work. They will be also instructed in standards of hygiene and rules of conduct in the work place.

Drawing up the contracts of employment forwarding them to an employer

The Moldova workers who we send will have a contract of employment with the Moldovan Worker Recruitment Agency for the duration of the working period. The Moldovan Worker Recruitment Agency will also pay the salary and all country-specific taxes due. The employee will follow the rules of the company for whom he/she is working and will have the same rights as other employees.

Managing the worker’s integration into the working environment

We will instruct the Moldovan worker on the company requirements in the workplace. We will provide backup to the worker during the whole period of their employment. We will help the worker to fill in the appropriate documents, translate and legalize them. A responsible representative of the Moldovan Worker Recruitment Agency will accompany the Moldovan worker to the working place.

Supervision of Moldovan workers

For the duration of the working period, the Moldovan Worker Recruitment Agency will be monitoring the quality of the employee’s work. We will keep in touch with hired persons and monitor how well the temporary worker completes his/her tasks and obligations. Thus, we can quickly identify any potential problems and take action to avoid or correct them.

Our reaction while the working period

It is in our own interest to implement an effective evaluation system for the Moldovan workers who we send to you. To this end, we will contact you regularly during the period of employment in order to assess the quality of the worker’s skills. This will be valuable not only for the current working period, but also for subsequent periods. The Moldovan Worker Recruitment Agency cooperates for speedy problem solving by identifying both the causes and possible solutions.

Salaries and Taxes

According to the signed contract, the Moldovan Worker Recruitment Agency pays temporary worker salaries and deducts and pays the particular state taxes due.
The salary will be calculated on the basis of the points system used by the employer. According to this system, the employee will be paid only for the actual hours worked.
The employee will cover the expenses which the Moldovan Worker Recruitment Agency paid on his/her behalf during the “preparation period” before sending Moldovan workers to work. We can consider this sponsorship as a short-term loan to Moldovan workers. This loan will be paid back by the employee after he/she receives a salary and payed the due taxes.
This system enables the facility to collaborate more and start new projects, without the immediate financial burden on the employees.

Administrative assistance

The quality of the Moldovan Worker Recruitment Agency services is guaranteed by the complementary administrative assistance given to our partners during the working term, giving solutions to each individual case according to the particular type of activity Undertaken.

Assessing the level of satisfaction at the end of the working period

At the end of every working period, in line with quality control standards, the Moldova Worker Recruitment Agency will ask for an evaluation of your level of satisfaction from you. This will help us to identify further opportunities for future projects.
The final quality report is one of the guarantees that the Moldovan Worker Recruitment Agency provides as one component of the ensemble of procedures and methods used for meeting the needs of human resources and temporary work.