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Job categories for Moldova Employment company (agency)

IT Engineers      
    Job Title
soft / web developer, system / network administrator, database developer, web designer, IT manager, SEO engineer
    Country Japan, Germany, USA
    Salary information from 1200 to 2500 €
    Working Period from 1 year

IT Engineers      
    Job Title SEO engineer with ability of web developing
Moldova, but working for Japan through a web camera
    Salary information from 500 €
    Working Period from 6 months

    Job Title
bricklayer, carpenter, concrete finisher, electrician, painter and decorator, plasterer, plumber, pipe-fitter, construction engineer
    Country Czech, Slovakia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia
    Salary information from 650 to 1000 € or 4 € / h
    Working Period from 6 months to 3 years

Construction engineers
    Job Title senior construction engineer
    Country UAE
    Salary information 1000-2000 €
    Working Period from 12 months to 3 years

    Job Title Auto mechanic / repair /maintenance
    Country Baltic countries, Slovakia, Arabic Countries
    Salary information from 450 to 1200 €
    Working Period from 6 months to 3 years

    Job Title not qualified job at a factory
    Country Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia
    Salary information from 400 to 700 €
    Working Period 6-12 months

    Job Title farming job on a farm
    Country Poland, Slovakia, Czech, Hungary
    Salary information from 600 to 800 €
    Working Period from April to September

    Job Title
taxi driver, long distance driver, truck driver, tractor driver for agriculture
    Country in European Countries
    Salary information negociable
    Working Period negociable

    Job Title looking for ill, fail, disabled people
    Country Cyprus, Israel
    Salary information from 700 €
    Working Period from 6 months to 1 year


    Job Title
taking care of children at home
    Country Israel, Poland, Hungary, Latvia
    Salary information from 500 €
    Working Period from 6 months

Au pair
    Job Title helping family with childcare and housework
    Country in Western countries
    Salary information from 300 €
    Working Period from 1 year

Hotel , restaurant, cruising workers
    Job Title
waiter, waitress, cleaning, cooking, door-man
    Country Arabic Countries
    Salary information from 400 €
    Working Period from 6 months to 3 years

Work & Study
    Job Title
    Country USA, Canada, Australia
    Salary information from 7 $/ h
    Working Period 3 months

    Job Title Pharmacists, doctor, nurse
    Country for more information please send us an e-mail
    Salary information negociable
    Working Period negociable

    Job Title dancer, musician, street performer, model
    Country Romania, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, France
    Salary information from 500 to 1200 €
    Working Period 6-12months