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Moldova recruitment agency

Moldova Job Services

The Moldova Job Service, provides workers from the Republic of Moldova with a variety of jobs abroad to meet the needs of the workforce. The Moldova Job Service also provides your company with:
  1. Employment service for relocated Moldovan job seekers.
  2. Labor market information for planning business expansion, relocation, and future recruitment.
  3. Locally coordinated workforce preparation service.
  4. Focused job recruitment for new business ventures or facilities needing a large number of specialized workers quickly; 50–100 Moldovan job seekers.
The Moldova Work Service also provides Moldovan job seekers with:
  1. Vocational training that teaches the skills necessary to obtain and retain a proper job.
  2. Referral to partner agencies that provide other employment related services, including skills and language training.

Job recruitment and selection

Moldova Job undertakes the task of identifying candidates from Moldovan jobseekers who meet the requirements of your company up to the point where you receive the application forms for a job post. The selection process consists of choosing suitable applicants from amongst Moldovan job seekers to fill a post.

Job Evaluation

The testing and evaluation of Moldovan jobseekers on behalf of your company. We conduct an interview with all applicants to assess their personality, ability and the language skills required in the country where they will be expected to work. The method used by Moldova Job includes written tests which examine the ability, motivation, personality and specialist job skills of each Moldovan job seeker.

Job Placement

The Moldova Job placement is aimed at helping you to expand your recruitment business, and to use your expertise as recruiters to increase the pool of vacancies available to eligible Moldovan jobseekers.
The Moldova Work job placement is aimed at both employers and Moldova jobseekers.
The Moldova Job placement services are designed to facilitate the placement of registered Moldova job seekers with your vacancies.
There are over 20,000 resumes in the Moldova Job database. Using our system to match, notify, refer and place these jobseekers with your suitable vacancies will ensure the most effective outcome for your job placement business.

Consultation and training

If you have any kind of questions regarding the recruitment of Moldovan jobseekers, we are always ready to have a consultation with you on the phone or Skype. Please do not hesitate to ask us! Consultation is usually free of charge.

Training consists of a range of processes designed to make sure that job applicants have the right skills, knowledge and attitudes to help your company achieve its objectives.